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Joplin Tornado: 5 Years Later and 5 Things I Know For Sure

It can be difficult to remember what our city looked like 5 years ago today. On May 22, 2011 at 5:41PM an EF-5 tornado slammed through Joplin, Missouri, and left … Continue reading

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Honoring My 13.1 Miles

The Joplin Memorial Marathon was today. This event honors the lives lost in the May 22, 2011, tornado and the rebuilding process since. The slogan is “Run. Remember. Rebuild.” Beginning … Continue reading

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Reflections-25 Things Learned from the Joplin Tornado

Five years ago this week–May 22, 2011 at 5:41PM to be exact–Joplin, Missouri, was just about wiped off the map by an EF-5 tornado. It was a tornado unlike any … Continue reading

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Every Day is Mother’s Day

I remember standing on the front porch with my newborn daughter in my arms thinking HOLY COW!! How was I responsible for this tiny human when I wasn’t even sure … Continue reading

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I Think Maybe God Wears Running Shoes

Church, for me, was running a few miles alone with God today. Sometimes, that’s my personal time to reflect and give thanks. I lace up my shoes and pull up … Continue reading

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The Magic of the Marble Stairway

My childhood dentist’s office was located in a tall downtown building, one of the only tall buildings in our small town. I bet half of the kids in town went … Continue reading

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If I Won The Lottery

A notification from Yahoo News just popped up on my iPad. The lottery is currently up to $900 million. $900 million! Insane! When the numbers are drawn, someone- or maybe … Continue reading

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