sharing the stairs

because life has ups and downs…

About Dianne



It’s me- Dianne Schramm. I don’t really like to list labels for myself, but I’ll do it anyway.  Here are a few things about me–in no particular order because every part of my life is equally important- right? IMG_E7250IMG_7015I’m a wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, writer, runner, coffee chugger, ice cream addict, cold weather wimp, glass-half-full kind of girl. You’ll find a mix of things on my blog, so take time to explore. I’ll tell stories about life with all of its ups and downs…just like we live it.

My side hustle stems from my love of quality clothing for gym, work, and play. To learn more about Peach cloth check out my other WordPress blog:

and Instagram:

Visit my link to shop for your own Peach clothing! I bet you’ll find something you just can’t live without!

You can also catch me here:

Twitter @dianneschramm







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