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My Two Words

I really love the idea of choosing one word to get me through a new year. It provides a focus. It anchors me. It points North whenever I stray. For … Continue reading

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Disney Blended-Family Christmas

Christmas is a time for family. It’s a time to be present with the ones you love. Ever since our oldest daughter graduated from college and started her career at … Continue reading

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People Remember How You Made Them Feel

I chose the title of this blog from my favorite Maya Angelou quote, which goes like this: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but … Continue reading

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Lessons for the Valleys of Life

I have a friend at work who was recently diagnosed with cancer. He has been tested for just about every illness under the sun for the past few months with … Continue reading

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Just Click to Shop My Peach Link

You guys might remember a few months ago when I posted about my decision to become a Peach stylist. Here I sit with sales under my belt and a new … Continue reading

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Formal Dining Room Transformation

Do you have a formal dining room? Do you use it for dining? I mean more than holiday dinners? We didn’t. Our formal dining room was a complete waste of … Continue reading

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What to Say When There are No Words

I have a side hustle as a stylist for a premium clothing company. One of the ladies at our home office recently suffered the unimaginable. I’m not here to tell … Continue reading

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