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It’s Teacher Appreciation Day!

I’ve been a teacher for 28 years. My husband and I have five kids between us. Four of them have graduated high school. Our youngest will finish middle school this … Continue reading

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All You Have to Do is Reach for It

I’m currently reading Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. If you haven’t read this book, you might want to give it a try. The story is about a young man who grew … Continue reading

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Beyond Exhausted

A co-worker asked me this morning if I was okay. I smiled, knowing exactly what she meant. Her next sentence was, “You look exhausted.” She continued by telling me that … Continue reading

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My Decision to Become a PEACH Stylist

I’m going to be really transparent. I never thought I would represent a brand online ever. EVER. I wasn’t the kind of person to jump on that train. I was … Continue reading

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An Ode to Toys R Us

  I’m feeling kind of melancholy about the closing of Toys R Us stores. It’s been a long time since I walked those aisles, but thinking about all of those … Continue reading

March 17, 2018 · 2 Comments

My Yoga Mat and Me-2.0

I’m a girl who likes to mix up my fitness routine. I could say that it’s because I’m working different muscle groups or I’m using a plan from my trainer. … Continue reading

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To Those Amazing Kids in Florida

I’m a teacher. I’m a mom. But, I’m also a human being who is sad, frustrated, and- quite frankly- frightened by all of the shootings. They just keep happening. We … Continue reading

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