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because life has ups and downs…

Take Your Mind Out for a Run

  Guilty! I find it difficult to say no. I put the needs of other people before my own. It’s not a character flaw, really. It’s more of a reality … Continue reading

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Advice to My Younger Running Self

They say that experience brings wisdom. That’s certainly true of running. When I look back to my younger running self, I remember all of the doubts, the fear of even … Continue reading

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One of Those Days

Must. Run. Daily.  That’s the mantra.  At some point during the day, maybe before breakfast or maybe after work, there’s going to be a run. The distance may vary, but … Continue reading

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Anybody Is Everybody

I was a writer for RUNHAVEN website, which was a site designed for all types of runners that shared technical advice as well as personal runner stories. Because RunHaven is … Continue reading

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Just Be A Light

  I’m having a little trouble understanding something following the election for our new president, but it’s not what you think. The candidate I voted for didn’t win the spot. … Continue reading

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Right Where I Was Supposed To Be

Does anyone else save the chore of grocery shopping for the weekend? It seems like I can never manage to fit in the kind of marketing that fills my cupboards … Continue reading

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More Love. Less Hate.

I was clearing the table from dinner when it started. The news broadcast showed the 49 victims from the shooting in Orlando in alphabetical order of the last names along … Continue reading

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